I have to be honest I am thrilled as a host with a passion for he country and politics fight with each other. I mean when 30 plus Dem house members says Nancy Pelosi jump in a lake I have for keeping the Bush tax cuts and voters tell established GOP candidates you lose for a women we want- I just love it. To see Hannity and rive disagree..to see Senators DeMint and Cornyn do battle- well I think its good for party politics. For Dems to think the Republicans are in the middle onf a civil war is laughable and listen for that refrain.

Notice the RNC and senate rep fund have both suddenly backed Christine O'Donnell? Well they have- which shows me reports of a civil war are unfounded. A stat to ingest which might be tough to swallow for republicans..a poll reveals just 19% of country in support of Tea Party..Not enough to win a general election- so neither faction has the luxury of dismissing the other side- they have to maximize the republican vote and win over the independents.

The house dems have their own issue with their leadership- and I am talking Pelosi not Hoyer. They have decided did 31 congresspeople that raising taxes is bad for their election chances and for the country and put pen to paper demanding she and he leave the Bush tax Cuts in place...Thats a civil war.,..