I have to admit my crazy state of California SHOCKED me this week. I mean, it actually did something that wasn't predictable!

One of the most most radically leftist legislatures in America actually DEFEATED what would have been the first state wide ban of plastic bags in grocery stores.

Does California actually have a couple of marbles left? Or is it true that big spending from opponents killed the bill's chances for passage?

Governor Arnold Kennedy was ready to sign it, so it didn't face defeat at his hands.

What an idiotic thing such a ban would be.

Let GROCERS and CUSTOMERS decide this! Ever heard of the free market??

Have you noticed many customers are already choosing to bring in reusable bags when they shop?? There wasn't a LAW making them do that. They did it out of...GASP...free will.


Remember when liberals said they were all about CHOICE??

And I hate to break it to the environmental fascists, but plastic bags are not destroying the planet.

Get over yourselves already. We couldn't destroy the planet if we nailed it with warheads FULL of plastic bags.

Many stores, again BY CHOICE, have bins where you can recycle these evil plastic bags.

So for now, it looks like we still have a few choices we can freely make in the state of California.

And even if you don't live here, you should feel lucky.

Because how California goes, oftentimes, so goes the rest of America.