As many of you know who read my blog and listen to my show, I have been on Atkins for a couple of weeks now and have lost more than ten pounds. (Always check with your doctor before going on a diet or weight loss plan.)

But I have found something interesting. I think people tend to notice your weight loss before even YOU do.

In other words, people could be telling you all day long how great you look while you stand in the mirror and see the same old you.

Isn’t this true?? And if you believe it is, why IS it so?

I have a theory.

We tend to see ourselves the same way, day in and day out–even after we have undergone radical changes. It’s because we have been telling and repeating and BELIEVING the same story about ourselves.

That’s why we see ourselves as fat even though the weight has dropped. Or as still having crooked teeth despite the braces coming off.

Whether it’s a story of health, wealth, success, popularity, it doesn’t matter. You still see the OLD you long after everyone else has seen and accepted the new you.

So put the old stories of you aside, never to be told again (keep the good and positive ones, though). And start LIVING the new stories of you.

This will allow you to see the new you in all the glory and wonder that everyone else does.