Don't tell me Robert Gibbs went rogue and called out and took out the professional left in that newspaper interview.. i think Pres Obama and his brain trust asked Gibbs to do just that- call out the left and get them in line while trying to win over the defecting indy's. Charles Krauthammer says Gibbs was freelancing but that would be such a gross violation of his job description I just dont see it. He made himself the story just like he did two Sundays ago on the chat show...This was a calm thoughtful interview with a print reporter..Don't tell me taken out of context in fact he looked too confident to be a guy who is fighting for his job!!!

Harry Reid..doesn't know how any his panic could vote for a Republican? What a ignorant thing to say almost a challenge for Hispanics to vote for a GOP-ER...Hank Sheinkpof was fantastic today and talked about a across the change out the Dem's