Yes, when I am not talking current events on the radio, chasing after a housefull of kids, and trying to be a good husband and dad, I am a paranormal investigator.

I don't hunt ghosts so much as try to have interactions with them. And believe it or not, such interactions are possible and more common than you might think.

My own home is VERY haunted and to be honest, that is a big factor that propelled me into joining a local ghost group.

But I get skeptics just about every week writing me and asking for PROOF of the existence of ghosts.

I would suggest that they READ the thousands of books and histories and chronicles written and recorded over hundreds of years.

My basic answer is this: it isn't my job to persuade or convince or convert.

I KNOW what I have seen and felt and heard and experienced.

I am quite sure I know what a 6 foot tall apparition looks like when it's standing in the middle of my dining room and vanishes after a moment.

I know that the hundreds, if not thousands, of spirit voices I have collected are not television, radio, or my imagination.

I have been touched, poked, and shaken by non-physical entities.

We have encountered the spirits of relatives as well as those murdered in specific locations. This stuff scares people, but it is nonetheless REAL.

One should never be close minded to this sort of stuff. It shouldn't scare people. It should give them unyielding hope that there IS something beyond this physical existence. The mind and consciousness go on after these shells of our bodies are cremated or buried.

My job is not to convince, but to share my stories and evidence and fascination with the unknown in hopes that others will replace fear with awe, strict skepticism with open mindedness, disdain with a passion for the pursuit of the truth.

Now if you'll excuse me. It's time to get back to the world of the living.

As I've always said, it's the living that scare me more than the dead.