One of the greatest lessons I have learned about the Law of Attraction is that if you keep on telling your story the way it has always played out, it will always go and end the same way.

It's based on the principle that if you keep doing the same thing all the time, don't be shocked if the results are the same, too. It HAS to be this way. How could it be otherwise?

So stop telling the story about the fat you. The unsuccessful you. The down and out you. The love-less you.

Start telling the story about how you have all the money you need, all the success you need, all the love and resources you need. Start acting AS IF you already have everything you want.

If you keep saying "One day it will come..." that's all it will ever be...ONE DAY. One day when? In a year? Ten years? Fifty?

See, when you say "One day when we have the money (or happiness or whatever you want)" you are constantly programming your subconscious to accept the fact that you DON'T HAVE what you want CURRENTLY. Tomorrow never comes because it's always TOMORROW.

That's the convenient OUT we leave ourselves. If we aren't expecting it HERE and NOW, we can't disappoint ourselves, right?

So re-word your story in the present tense. Tell yourself and the world around you that you have what you want NOW. Act NOW. React NOW. Feel it NOW. Have it NOW.

What will begin to happen may astound you. People, circumstances, resources, and opportunities will present themselves, seemingly by magic.

The phone will ring and you will hear from an old friend who has an opportunity for you. Or you will turn your head and spy a classified ad that you may have missed otherwise. Maybe you will leave work 5 minutes late and run into someone you wouldn't have run into had you left right on time.

It seems like magic but it isn't. It's just the Universe bringing to you what you create first in your mind. It's why people with money usually don't dwell on lack. Or why the sick rarely dwell on good health.

So if you like your story already, improve it some more! It can always be better.

And if you don't like, or even hate, your story, start right now by changing the plot around as best you can.

Things will start to happen. Doors will open. And life will be as good as it's supposed to be and meant to be.