I think I need a cold shower to make sure this isn't all just a bad dream.

Seems that there are more than a few people defending Mel Gibson's latest psycho, rage filled verbal tirade.

In secretly recorded conversations, Mad Max is heard making verbally violent assaults on his former girlfriend and mother of his child. He calls her things I can't and won't say on the radio.

He then ADMITS hitting her in the face!

What a NICE GUY!

Can you believe this??

His anti-Semitism is already well established.

In the recently revealed audio we get to hear him reference black males as wild animals running through the streets just waiting to pounce on a pretty white woman and sexually assault her.

And people are saying on and off the air to me that Mel Gibson is not a racist.


Wait...if equating blacks to subhumans and wild animals doesn't qualify as racism, WHAT DOES?!?!

I don't get it. If I am against quotas, I am a racist??

But if Mel Gibson makes his awful remarks, he ISN'T??

Guess who came to his defense yesterday?? Of all people??

Whoopie Goldberg!! An extremely liberal black woman said Gibson is no racist! Heck, he's been over to Whoopie's house and been nice to her kids, so how could he be, right?? Just like the slaveholder wasn't so bad if he had the slaves sit at the table once in a while?? Would THAT have been excusable?? NO.

Wasn't that always the defense of the racist?? Hey, I had a black friend once. So I can't be a racist!

She actually said with a straight face that Mel is only guilty of being a bonehead.

Caller after caller tried to convince me on my show yesterday that Mel is not a racist. That we all say stupid things when we are in the heat of the moment.

True. We all say STUPID things. Stupid things we regret saying.

But we are NOT all guilty of making outrageously racist remarks. Or threatening to burn down someone's house. Or PUNCHING THEM IN THE FACE!!

Thanks, Whoopie for showing us just how far out of left field you really are. Bet you don't consider the Black Panther member calling for the death of white people and their babies a racist, either? It's all just boneheaded behavior?

The ugly truth is that Mel Gibson--as much as it might hurt to hear because you adore his movies and on screen personas--is a mean spirited, hateful, racist, misogynistic man.

Oh and Whoopie and others who are not convinced--there's a new tape on which he makes racist remarks about Latinos.

How many more groups does he have to insult before we figure it out??