The Justice Department had already won a default judgement against the New Black Panther members in the now infamous voter intimidation case in Philadelphia in 2008. This was a HUGE victory for the DOJ.

But then the case was dropped. DROPPED. AFTER the DOJ had WON it.


Because the New Black Panther member agreed to not carry a deadly weapon to a polling place until 2012. HUH?? Until 2012?? How about...NEVER?!?!

This miscarriage of justice is only the tip of the iceberg.

The great Martin Luther King, Jr. died for his dream--a dream that would see his fellow man judged by the content of his character, not the color of his skin.

Fast forward to present day America where the head of the Philly New Black Panthers, the same thug with the night stick in the intimidation case, openly called for the killing of "crackers" and their babies, as well.

Good grief.

This is the citizen that this Administration and the DOJ has come to the defense of?!?! This is the man they dropped the case against??

How is this OK with ANYONE, black or white?? Conservative or liberal?? Left or right??

Imagine if President Bush and his DOJ had dropped the case against, say, a neo-Nazi or Klansman who brandished a night stick at a polling place and intimidated black voters.

OK. Now imagine that thug was on video calling for the death of black Americans and their BABIES, too.

Imagine the deafening sound of dissent and disgust.

A former Justice Department lawyer has blow the whistle, as they say, at hearings this week.

GOOD. The truth is coming out. Our Department of Justice is not taking seriously cases of voter intimidation when the victims are white and the perpetrators are non-whites. Those are the allegations, and as pathetic as they are--they seem to be accurate. More witnesses are coming forward to attest to this.

Mad YET??

Hey, at least the government's lawsuit against Arizona has taken over the headlines and buried the REAL story over at the DOJ.