Your were all so fired up coming out of the gates because of this immigration lawsuit vs Arizona...Can't President Obama find something else to do with his time like have his justice department place the Gitmo guys in a bigger harsher prison, set up KSM in a tribunal then to death? No its time to sue a Republican Governor. BTW how angry is the President that he convinced Secretary Napolitano to give up the Arizona governorship and help him at Homeland Security. She has been a living breathing disaster on every level. Look at her role in the spill, as opposed to Mike Chertoff. ..Chertoff might have been slow off the mark but he was visible daily and the rebuild was taking place right after the rescue..not the case now ....We have Thad Allen...a great guy but I want a guy in charge of all aspects and states and so far that still has now happened..and its day 79!!