America celebrated its Independence Day on Sunday amid booze, barbecues, and the boom of fireworks.

But a new poll out shows that many people may be just jumping on the bandwagon of throwing a party.

Do we REALLY know what we are celebrating?

A new poll suggests that more than a quarter of us DO NOT.

1 in 4 Americans cannot tell you who we fought to win our independence.

The number gets much higher when you narrow it to just 20 somethings out there.

How can this be??

This is a BASIC fact of American AND world history!

I am certainly not one with the ability to rattle off dates and obscure events in our nation's timeline.

But for crying out loud. If you don't know we battled the British for our Independence, then what DO you know?!?!

Apparently not a whole lot.

Jay Leno is his infamous "Jay Walking" segments asked people about basic American history and facts.

How many original colonies were there? Many said 3, 6, or I don't know.

Which American General led the Revolutionary War?

Hmmmm. Toughie. No clue. Can I call a friend?

This is sad, pathetic, and MADDENING.

Is it any wonder that so many people seem so clueless as to where the outrage comes from within the Tea Party Patriots in America?

If you have NO CLUE what your country went through to get to where we are TODAY, how can you possibly get worked up and angry about ANYTHING??

It's like not knowing about slavery or who was butchered in the concentration camps and by whom.

What will that 26% of ignoramuses look like in 10 years? 20 years? 50 or 100? Will we actually find ourselves at a point where a majority of Americans don't know the answer?

The scary thing is that it's entirely possible.