Handgun bans don't work. They just do NOT.

Countless examples over the years prove this. Washington D.C. is a good example. How about England? Australia?

Murder rates go UP, not down, when gun bans are implemented.

Chicago Mayor Richard Daley is having trouble figuring this fact out, even though his city has seen 10 murders and 60 injuries from guns since FRIDAY!!

But, Mayor Daley...guns are not allowed to be owned OR sold in your city! So...how can this possibly be??

The reason is as clear as day.

But it requires an ounce of common sense to figure out.

Only the good guys turn in their guns when they are outlawed.

WOW!! So profound!!

But really, it IS that simple.

Think about it.

Why on EARTH would a bad guy turn in their gun when they become illegal?? Hmmmm?

What? I can't hear you??

Oh, right!! They WOULDN'T!!

Just people like ME--law abiding citizens--would turn in their guns. Why? We would respect the law and fear becoming outlaws and fugitives if we did not.

I hope the Supreme Court strikes down the Chicago gun ban, as it has in other cities already.

At the very least, Mayor Daley needs to stop the idiocy of trumpeting a law that clearly has failed.