I read an article about "99ers" in America.

They have names for everything and everybody, don't they?

99ers are people who have exhausted their 99 maximum weeks of unemployment benefits.

Wait...99 WEEKS??

As in...almost two solid YEARS worth??

I couldn't believe it.

People who listen to my radio show know that I am an opportunities-oriented kind of a guy. I believe we get what we think about most of the time.

And unfortunately, it seems a growing number of people are thinking about loss, lack, and poverty.

Another article I saw just today talked about lowered expectations because of the slow recovery of the economy.

The amazing things with our expectations is that they are usually MET!!

Think about that for a moment. Generally speaking, when you go into a movie or restaurant or meeting thinking it will be AWFUL, it usually IS!

That isn't a coincidence in the least.

We usually find what we set out to find.

Yes, times are hard for some people. For MANY people. But the lack of opportunities is oftentimes more a result of our lack of imagination, determination, and creativity than any outside force we would prefer to blame.

My wife started her clothing business in a BAD economy, not when things were good.

Necessity is the mother of invention.

I guarantee you that 99% of young people are NOT growing up with that saying and belief.

Too bad, because it is TRUE.

Also true is that opportunities are where you create them. They aren't sitting on classifieds page. They aren't sitting on your doorstep where you trip over them when you open the door. They aren't given, pulled out of thin air, or something just for the chosen few.

They are yours. If--and ONLY if--you are willing to create them and imagine many more to follow.