This administration may have string feelings about our allies and enemies and they have every right to air them publicly, but they have to start understand that their will be blow back. If you want to distance your self from an Israeli leader you must also know at one point you'll have to health the rift- if you want to marginalize our Afghanistan Allie Ha mind Karzai then you have to know he will fight back and if you want to condemn BP Oil 10 times a day with all your secretary's and ad-visors and your own words then you have to know your end game. He had to walk back his disdain for Karzai was about to make up with Netanyahu and now he better watch it or he could kill off BP and hurt relations with the UK... Keep in mind the they are the biggest and strongest company that nation has...Many have nothing to do with deep sea drilling just making a living and now their best Allie is running them down and in the process of bankrupting them

Of course Tiny Hayward should be fired and their 700 plus violations reveals a corporation living irresponsibility but whats the goal...? I will tell you- plug the leak, clean the water pay the people..then and only then Investigate and change like EXXON did..

Am I right??? Yes