Look, I am a staunch capitalist.

I understand spending good money on a good house or car or many other goods.

But a WATCH??

I think the most expensive watch I have ever owned was $150. Tops.

Generally, the watches I wear average closer to $50.

So I can't even IMAGINE spending HALF A MILLION BUCKS for a WATCH!!

What the FRIG?!?!

Are you KIDDING ME??

Tennis player Rafael Nadal recently played while wearing a 20 gram RM 027 Tourbillon timepiece. Sounds like a James Bond car.

Except I am sorry to say, this timepiece is UGLY, too.

Really now. I just don't get it.

Does anyone really BUY this stuff?? He was given this one to WEAR while he plays. But is anyone really going to run out and buy one?? And how much is the extended warranty on a $525k watch??

My tanline on my left wrist can go away. That's because I use my Blackberry as my watch anyway.