A new European study finds that happiness begins at 50. Thank God no one ever told me that! Well, thanks for telling US then, Spencer! Trying to bring us down?? Hang on a second. I am here to tell you I think the study and similiar studies are all quite silly.

I certainly don't bring it up to depress you if you are 20 and thinking you have 30 years before it kicks in. Or if you are 60 and wondering what the heck happened.

Happiness begins when YOU say it does!!

Say that to yourself a few times and let it sink it. It's totally, undeniably true.

You see, happiness is something you CHOOSE. It's not something you wait for like a package from the UPS man. It doesn't arrive on your doorstep when you hit 50. Or 40 or 20 or 90.

The craziest thing about happiness is how EASY it really is to achieve. People have made it out to be as hard to find as Noah's Ark or an honest politician.

Not true. It's been here all along, waiting for you to experience it. So whether you are 50 or 5, be happy today. CHOOSE to be. And the beauty of happiness is that it spreads very, very quickly. Not only within yourself, but outside of yourself.

The people around you will benefit from your positive and happy vibes. It's the whole reason we hang around or call people who we imagine will CHEER US UP when we are feeling down. It's a mistake to hang around a pessimistic, downward looking person when you are facing a tough time. Heck, why hang out with them AT ALL! Surround yourself with happy people!

So repeat after me: Fifty, Schmifty. Happiness doesn't have an age.