I think everyone can relate to the sense of pure, unadulterated RELIEF one feels when you wake up to find that the giant monster that stole your homework just as you got to class completely naked was just a NIGHTMARE.

You chuckle and wipe the sweat off your brow and, perhaps, go back to sleep. I keep waiting for this immigration discussion in Washington this week to be a nightmare. Or at least a JOKE.

I couldn't believe my ears when the Mexican President bad mouthed a soveriegn AMERICAN STATE while a GUEST at the White House. Then to add insult to injury, OUR President sucked up to him and said that America is no longer defined by its borders. SAY WHAT?!?!

Our borders are EVERYTHING!! Borders are what protect a culture and a language and a way of life. And since we DO, whether leftists like to admit it or not, have the GREATEST culture and way of life on earth, it is certainly worth PROTECTING and DEFENDING.

The Mexican President was before a joint meeting of Congress just yesterday. Again, he bashed Arizona's law protecting itself against the onslaught of countless millions of HIS citizens. And what was the reaction from our elected public servants?? A STANDING OVATION. I kid you not.

We have lost our country. It may take some time for you to realize this. But we have. We cannot have a foreign leader bash America and its laws on OUR soil.

We cannot have a Congress APPLAUDING him for doing it. And we certainly cannot have a President who, instead of defending our borders, claims we are no longer defined by our borders. President Calderon clearly has not read the 10 page Arizona law based on his attacks against it. But he is in good company. Neither has much of the Administration, including Janet Reno II, Eric Holder, or the State Department.

Ask yourself a frightening and rhetorical question today. Why are our leaders giving more weight to the wishes of a foreign leader than its own citizens??