I have received a ton of response from a Facebook status update yesterday. No, it wasn't about the primary elections around the country or the latest misstep of the Administration. It was a simple moment between father and daughter. Our two and a half year old daughter, Gingy, and I were Costco shopping. Her favorite part, second only to tasting all those yummy food samples, is getting the employee at the exit to make a smilie face on the back of the receipt. That really makes her day. Well, you would THINK by now all the employees know how much kids LOVE this 5 second show of fun and thoughtfulness. But I guess they don't. Or maybe they just drift off or get too busy like the rest of us. Yesterday, the man at the door drew a simple slash on the receipt once he determined we were leaving with the exact amount of goods that the receipt noted. No happy face. Not even a simple eyes and mouth. Nothing but a slash. Gingy looked sad. "Where haffy face, Daddy??" she asked me. Then it struck me. That wasn't a slash. It was a magic wand!! Gingy LIT UP. The smile overtook her face and she was the happiest little girl in the world. I offered this small, seemingly insignificant moment as an example of just how important PERCEPTION is in life. Life is what we make of it. That simple little example illustrates it nicely. It's the whole reason why some people take the lemons that life throws at them and CRY. And others make lemonade. It's why you can sit in bumper to bumper traffic and see simultaneously cars filled with people beating their dashboards with rage and others beating their dashboards to the beat of the music pumped up in their car. So why settle for a simple SLASH in life when you can have a MAGIC WAND? Enjoy this day. And filter everything through the most positive perception you possibly can.