Some people don't like it when I call those who want to regulate every tiny corner of our eating habits FOOD FASCISTS.


I'm not sorry it offends you. I am sorry you cannot see that I am correct. You cannot conceive of what will come next, either.

It doesn't make you a bad person. It just means you have been so conditioned by your upbringing or your environment or your own understanding of the way things are that you believe the Government is within its rights to do these things.

Things like trying to dictate whether a restaurant can cook with salt or certain fats. Things like telling a business owner he cannot allow a legal substance on THEIR property (smoking in bars and restaurants ring a bell?).

And now, the Board of Supervisors (I call them STUPERvisors) in Santa Clara County has moved to do the unthinkable. They have actually banned HAPPY MEAL toys.

These are the plastic little trinkets that kids long for when they get their kid's meal at your local fast food eatery.

I remember getting these as a kid, too.

The argument was that these toys entice kids to eat dirty, rotten, fattening foods, and therefore contribute to obesity in America.


Eating too much of the wrong foods and lack of exercise and too much indoor time makes kids obese.

And even if Happy Meal toys DID make kids fat, it's NOT the job of the government to BAN them!! How about parents taking that information and not ALLOWING their precious kids to indulge so often in fast food??

This is a sad day. And a maddening one.

I don't know what makes me more mad--that a government body thinks they have the right to do this or that the people seem to think it's ok for this to be done.

Remember the old liberal feminist bumper stickers: Don't like abortions? Don't have one!

How about that with regards to stuff like this?? Don't want your kid to have a Happy Meal with or without a toy? THEN DON'T BUY THEM ONE.

The most despicable part of the whole law passed is that the toys aren't really BANNED, you know. The restaurants will be allowed to give them out...just so long as they are handed out with HEALTHY MEALS. Meals that meet GOVERNMENT standards for health.

Can you BELIEVE this??


If I as a restaurant owner want to give two toys out for each extra large MILKSHAKE I sell, I should be able to do that.

When will the people WAKE THE HELL UP?