Earth Day used to be a reminder to not throw cans into the rivers. To give a hoot and not pollute.

Today is has become a Burning Man for environmental fascists. Enough with the hysteria and doom and gloom.

Common sense might be dying, but the earth isn't.

The day is filled with such hypocrisy. Like the President and Vice President burning countless jet fuel today to travel within a few miles of each other in New York.

Not to mention the fuel used when they hit the ground.

And that's not even counting the planes that will be forced to burn fuel needlessly as they are made to circle around for security reasons until the VIPS come and go.

Is all of this necessary? Nope.

It's time to realize that most common sense type people appreciate the need to keep the water and the air clean.

But it's time to take the environmental fascism out of Earth Day.

I will never forget all the people holding their lighters in the air and swaying back and forth when rock group Nickleback played the song "If Everyone Cared" at a concert last year. All those concerned youth left the BIGGEST, most DISGUSTING mess you've ever seen when the concert was over. It looked like the aftermath of an earthquake or hurricane.

The size of my television or car is not nearly as damaging as the size of stupidity in our nation today.