Apple's iPad went on sale this past Saturday.

The company sold more than 300,000 of the units on its first day, according to news stories on Apple's website today.

That's just  hair more than the number of people who have watched a viral video of a bunch of idiotic teenagers who purchased an iPad and then proceeded to SMASH it to bits with a baseball bat.


Must be cool to have so much disposable money and time on your hands, even on a weekend!

Can you imagine your grandfather's generation doing something like this? Can you imagine the lack of respect for dollar and property by doing such a thing?

I can't for the life of me understand how the teenage mind works. Maybe I was a rare breed, but at that age, I was happier just doing my thing and minding my business than destroying property--even if it was my own spent with HUNDREDS OF DOLLARS.

What goes around comes around.

The ultimate laugh will come when these teens have their own kids and they ask mom and dad for a new $15 DVD and they won't have the money for it, what with the mortgage and car insurance and medical bills and the like.

Then they can reminisce about the good old days when they could afford to smash a device that cost nearly $1,000 with a baseball bat!