I am a proud farmer. Sometimes I tend to my crops at 3am. Sometimes at Noon as the midday sun blazes overhead. And sometimes I am feeding the animals into the evening and night.

And it's all in my imagination.

Well, FARMVILLE is real. Right? Please tell me it is. It's SO much fun.

For those few of you who have never heard of it, you clearly have avoided joining the ranks of FACEBOOK users.

Anyone who logs onto the popular social networking site knows of it...either because they play it themselves or they have friends who constantly post information on the various ribbons they have won for being a good, little virtual farmer.

I have over 250 neighbors--virtual ones, of course. Neighbors can help fertilize each other's crops...feed the chickens...chase away pesky raccoons...and leave messages and greetings.

It's hard to keep up with my own farm, let alone help all my neighbors with THEIR homesteads.

SO...I sometimes log on and fertilize their crops during commercial breaks. Hey, it never comes before the show! We know exactly what is coming up next! We aren't missing the breaking, headline news!

And it's SO therapeutic, too.

But tell that to a Bulgarian politician who just lost his job over playing Old McDonald a little too much.

Turns out he was planting corn and sheering sheep when he should have been paying attention to important meetings.


Gives all new meaning to voting YAY or NAY, huh?

And now if you'll excuse me. Need to milk the cows andĀ harvest the grapesĀ before I go on the air for Tom Sullivan today.