Almost every big playground for young kids that I can remember going to as a child or taking my own kids to has had a "jail" as part of the fantasy play.

You know, an Old West style facade with bars the kids can stand behind as they take turns locking each other up.

Well, it's time to round up the prisoners and ship them off to Gitmo before it closes. Or at least to other local lock ups.

You see, political correctness and hyper sensitivity have lead to the demise of another childhood staple.

Turns out that playground jails just aren't fun for thin skinned people who are claiming it's just not right to have a pretend jail--and in government housing of all places!

After all, imagine the message it sends to little ones growing up in the projects of our inner cities?

One mother of the Brooklyn housing unit says, "We started complaining because it was like promoting kids to go to jail."

REALLY?? Did any of us who grew up playing cops and robbers and taking turns throwing away the key on each other ever become FELONS as a result??

Are there REALLY any people in prison right now who can honestly say their lives went downhill after being locked up in a pretend jail at age 5?

It doesn't matter. All it really took was the complaint from an agitated lecturer of black history to bring the whole thing down. And he has his sites on other, similar structures at other playgrounds.

Pretty soon, kids won't be allowed to dress up as soldiers or police officers. And if they dress up as construction workers, we'll have to card them to make sure they are paying their union dues.

What the frig is our world coming to?