I will wash my hands a thousand times a day, take extra multi-vitamins, wear a radiation suit, and even put a giant condom over my computer if need be.

But I will NOT let my computer give me a sexually transmitted disease.

Well, it's not the computer, per se. It's social networking sites like FACEBOOK!

Yep. Now a study is claiming that Facebook is linked to a rise in syphilis.

What the HECK, you say?

Well, you can't get it DIRECTLY from Facebook. But according to the study, social networking sites like Facebook make it easier for people to meet up for casual sex.

Really?? I never would have guessed. I didn't think finding casual sex in this day and age was that hard for anymore looking closely enough.

This is complete nonsense.

And even though the study doesn't actually spell out that Facebook is a boogie man needing to be dealt with, it does seem to assume that people have no individual control and responsibility anymore.

I think it's safe to say that the great majority of people on Facebook are just keeping in touch with friends, family, and those with shared interests.

No one forces you to have casual sex with anyone. And the fact that people are still doing this AT ALL with things like AIDS and other deadly illnesses that can KILL YOU out there is astounding to me.

What will the next study claim? That playing Facebook applications like "Drinks On Me" leads to alcoholism! Or that MOB WARS makes Facebook users into thugs of the underworld!

Hey...has anyone seen Ricky my goat?? He's one of my "Farmville" animals. He's got to be around here somewhere.

Oh well. Let me know if you see him, ok?

Now, back to work on the farm.