Another day closer to the monster deal President Obama wanted from day 1 a revamped health care system.
Now he's taking about and taking credit for doing something Truman and Teddy couldn't do but its hard for me to believe they wanted THIS bill.. I am not happy with what this does Insurance industry I'm not happy for what this does for doctors I am not happy to see more taxes on investors and those making over 200k.

If 30 million now have heath care and and in many cases have no for free will there be any doctors to help them? Or are Nurse practitioners the new doctors. They are taking medical devices the robots now doing surgery the stents that prop up your veins all taxed which you know costs you more money and now taxpayers will all pay to have done.

Tiger Woods had two interviews and let me say I think we know enough. He wont say what he was addicted to and what happened that night when he hit that hydrant so why not just talk golf?