They put a 153 page fix on it and it looks like many dems are now ok with voting for the new and dare I say about to be approved Health care reform package. Looks like we could have a vote Sunday if it wont pass pass- they will wait till Monday but soon the house will have a shot at passing this massive overhaul. 10 years of taxes for 6 years of reform..this bad rich people who make over 200k will pay for this 940 billion dollar plan..those who invest will now have their tax rate doubled to almost 4%. Medicare will be cut medicare advantage will be almost destroyed and I imagine on some level so will pvt health insurance.

Dana Perino was good Chris Wallace great geraldo Rivera a loose canon and kinda critical of Brett's interview style with the President. I think thats what makes him such a great guest. Also gotta recommend John Kiriakou's book...he was just great today