I am a firm believer in the Law of Attraction. This is the Universal Law that essentially boils down to: like attracts like.

Like thoughts attract each other.

In other words, one bad or scary or depressing thought usually leads to more of the same. And the opposite is true as well. Positive, hopeful, happy thoughts usually lead to more of the same.

That's why you get anxious when thinking about the pile of bills on the counter and thrilled when thinking about your vacation in two days.

Since I have become a student, if you will, of the Law of Attraction, I try to be fully aware of the thoughts that cross my mind. Because whether you want to believe it or not--thoughts become things.

I recently became very aware of the music I would hear on the radio while driving around and commuting. A lot of what I was paying attention to was disturbing to me.


Remember the old B.J. Thomas song, "Another Somebody Done Somebody Wrong Song"? You should look up the lyrics or find the tune if you haven't.

It's all about a guy wallowing in the misery of a broken relationship. He admits he wants to hear songs that make him--and everyone ELSE--sad. If they CRY, all the better. You see, he doesn't want to be miserable all by himself.

There are too many songs of heartache and heartbreak and he or she did something to me and now I am alone and falling apart.

Listen to these songs and tell me how you feel afterwards. Probably lonely and despondent. The song probably even surfaces memories of yours that you had long since suppressed. Next thing you know, you are dwelling on all the heartache YOU have experienced or ARE experiencing in your own life.

Listening to such music is like sitting in a room with a bunch of hypochondriacs complaining about illness and pain, real or imagined. It makes YOU start feeling sick and depressed.

I don't know about you, but I prefer songs that EMPOWER me, that INVIGORATE my soul.

So give me songs of survival, perseverance, and VICTORY.

Listen to THESE songs and tell me how you feel afterward.

I don't believe that music can MAKE you do anything. But let's be real. Someone who listens to music that degrades the spirit all day long will have a much different attitude than someone who listens to music that uplifts it.

Show me a person whose musical tastes are dominated by lyrics about shooting the police and what a nag your girlfriend is and how awful your parents are and how unfair society is and I guarantee you I will see a far different person than the one who listens to lyrics of overcoming and excellence and determination.

It makes sense, doesn't it?

You wouldn't listen to a self hypnosis tape that said things like "You will NEVER quit smoking" or "You will forever weigh 800 pounds" or "You will never win at anything in life" would you?

Of course not.


Because the words we play back to ourselves through the course of our lives MATTER. And thoughts DO become things.

At least B.J. Thomas had one of the more uplifting tunes to counter the lyrics of his above referenced song. It's called "Raindrops Keep Fallin' On My Head"!

Compare the two songs and tell me which would cheer YOU up faster.

Enjoy the day. Choose your thoughts and the words that enter your mind and soul wisely.

Garbage in, garbage out is really a true and wise saying.

Maybe more true than you ever thought.