Look out....here comes the greatest non vote ever with the greatest impact ever. I am talking talking about Deem and Pass that will pass senate bill without House voting and then a all both chambers to enact the fixes they are working on now. Its been done before on non controversial legislation not for anything like this. What I think the Dem leadership needs to know that there is a tomorrow once this debate and drill is over.
That tomorrow will include the war, immigration, education and energy and now they can just a out forget any GOPer playing bipartisan ball.

Tom Hanks is turning into just another talented pompous hollywod ass. Now saying World War 2 is a racism permeated the battle in the pacific. Really? our war vs the Japanese was racist and might it be self preservation- they did attack us..right? and we didnt attack the Chinese because they looked like Japanese or South Koreans did we? Did the Japanese force the South Korean into prostitution because they were racist? Please what is with this anti American fervor. Newsweek declares Hanks is this generation historian--no thanks i can handle my own history dont need his interpretation...DO YOU??