My wife finished our taxes awhile ago and it is SUCH a sense of RELIEF to be done with them.

This is a stressful time of year for people, especially those who wait until the last possible moment to start doing their tax paperwork.

An audit is everyone's biggest nightmare--or one of them, anyway.

No one wants to learn they missed a box or unknowingly did anything to tick the Feds off.

Well, imagine having two cranky IRS agents coming to your business, claiming you owe the IRS for back taxes.

"WHAT?? It can't be! It CAN'T BE!!"

Yes, it can...and was...for Sacramento businessman Aaron Zeff, owner of a local car wash and president of the Midtown Business Association.

IRA agents came to his business demanding payment for FOUR CENTS in back taxes.



Well, $202.35, counting interest and penalties. But the alleged amount due to the government was FOUR CENTS.

Zeff claims that he doesn't owe the Feds a dime, that this is clearly a mistake.

He even reportedly showed the Sacramento Bee a letter from the IRS proving he has always paid his taxes.

If the IRS will pursue FOUR CENTS to the ends of the earth like that, how are ANY of us safe?!?!

Be super vigilant this tax season and make sure your numbers add up, ok?

You might be short a couple of cents somewhere.

And to add insult to injury, the IRS agents skipped getting a car wash.