I was out in the rain yesterday with our daughter Gingy, running one errand after another.

We both got hungry for a snack to hold us until dinner and the Burger King was right there and looked good.

As we pulled up to the drive thru window, Gingy had already made her choice. “APPLES, Daddy!! APPLES!!”

Yep. She loves the apple fries.

I, on the other hand, love the burgers.

But I told the woman on the other end of the intercom that I needed a quick moment to decide.

I REALLY was craving a Whopper. The way the mayo and the ketchup swirl together on one of those bad boys is heaven on a busy, rainy afternoon.

But my belt was tight.

I stopped myself and ordered a side salad. It was only a BUCK, but it wasn’t the price that brought me to my decision.

It was the nagging voice of the truth in my ear that kept telling me an undeniable truth of life: If you keep doing what you’ve always done, you’ll keep getting what you’ve always gotten.

I knew right then and there that if I kept ingesting hundreds and thousands of empty calories every week, my belt would not likely get looser anytime soon.

To be honest, I prefer the feel of a loose belt to a tight one. I know it’s healthier for me. I know that my body would thank me for the decision, and it did. I felt light and clear and focused for the rest of the afternoon–not a common feeling after wolfing down a fast food burger.

Oh. And before you tell me that the salad is worse for me than the burger, I did NOT pour 500 calories worth of dressing on top. I opted for 2 small droplets of the healthiest dressing they offered.

Why am I telling you about what I ate yesterday? Do I expect you to care? Nah. Not really.

But it’s the lesson we all learn anew every day.

It’s the tiny choices in life…the dozens or hundreds we make every day…that can yield huge results.

Think about it for a moment.

If I opted for the salad 3 times a week instead of the burger combo with onion rings, do you think it would make a difference in my health?


If you opted to count to 10 and chillax before going bananas every time someone cut you off on the highway, would it make a difference in your mood and attitude for the rest of the day?

I guarantee it would.

If you opted to take the stairs instead of the elevator, to park 20 car spaces away from the box store instead of the first spot by the door, would it make a difference in achieving your weight goals?

You know the answer to that.

We often make life far too complicated. It was never designed to be that way. Life is so much easier than we think.

Our decisions aren’t always the easiest things to deal with.

But they are, in fact, life changing.

And the changes don’t always have to be for the worse.

It’s all in our hands. In our minds. In our thoughts. In our decisions.

So go make a bunch of tiny choices. And embrace the huge results.