Looks like Thursday will be your day and D day for health care reform in the good old USA. I sense that President Obama has a few cards to play and pretending like he does not know what the GOP will propose is not fooling anyone. The Pres. put out his own plan today and now all sides must be more then a little put off the Dems in House Dems in Senate and republicans will see this as same stuff different author.

I think the President should realize hes speaking to independents and they wont buy this single party system it hurts him more then anything else. I think their is pressure on President to look sincere and act on at least some of the republicans ideas..

But would you want a panel deciding if insurance companies can raise rates ? Who would ok that and how much lobbying will keep the insurance companies in the black..and from going belly up.

Look to see moderates like Senator Webb, Senator Bayh, Sen Lieberman, Sen Nelson's, Sen Lincoln...etc might not be signing on. I think 51 votes would be tough of Senator Reid decides to go that way...

This will be interesting by Thursday Republicans could be looking at a bill dead on arrival.