I was kind of glad that Tiger Woods vanished out of the forefront of the news.

Yes, I DID talk about the Woods scandal, but not endlessly like many in the media did.

But now he is back in the spotlight. Tomorrow he will issue a 5 minute apology and announcement that he will be returning to golf.

Does "sorry" make it all better? We often tell the kids when they apologize for fighting with each other, arguing, etc. that sorry doesn't make us feel any better.

SORRY has become a band aid in our society today. To make all the Boo Boos go away.

Ultimately, Tiger needs to figure this out with his FAMILY, not with us. People paid time and money to watch an amazing golfer, not an amazing human being.

And surely most of the people criticizing him the harshest have the largest pile of skeletons in their OWN closets.

I honestly don't think Tiger's career will ever be the same again. He will forever have this scandal hanging over his head and golf IS largely a mental sport. Don't take offense to that if you are a golfer since I am not. I know it takes physical power as well. But if the golfer can't see the hole in one in his mind's eye first, it is unlikely to materialize in reality.

Think about all the mental baggage he will be carrying with him. Not that he can't overcome it. And the argument could be made that at least it's in the OPEN now and not hidden--which arguably could have MORE stressful to his mind than having it out where everyone can see. He isn't hiding anymore. He is naked before the public.

Not to mention the fact that he will never be perceived the same way by most people, even those who adored him. The affairs will always be in the back of their minds. The same way you can't think of O.J. without thinking of the glove and the blood and the murders--whether you believe he did it or not.

I honestly think the right thing to do would be to just get back into the game. Just get back in and play and perform and entertain.

No more talk of it. That just brings it to the surface again. Go do what you are here to do.

Tiger got himself into this mess.

Now it's time for him to get himself out.