An idle mind is the Devil's playground.

Remember that saying?

It means sitting around and not having enough to do can lead you to trouble. If you are always busy doing your routines, you are less likely to sit around and contemplate mischief.

One of my biggest pet peeves is when our kids say "I'm bored"!! Makes me crazy. After all, they have 500 video games, a full library of books, boardgames, art tablets, a basketball hoop, a swimming pool, and of course--their MINDS and CREATIVITY.

I really do believe that it is impossible to be bored. Honestly. When you get right down to it. How can you EVER be bored?

Even if you are sitting in your car stuck in traffic. You could be listening to a book on tape or CD. You could catch up on business phone calls or call someone for pleasure and good conversation. You could contemplate your week. You could visualize your dreams and how great it feels to assume they are already accomplished.

There is a new study that gives pretty good incentive not to be bored. Boredom can kill you.

Yep.  The old saying that you died of boredom might actually be a reality for some.

Researchers in Britain concluded that the more bored you were, the more likely you might die prematurely.

They caution, however, that it isn't likely to be SOLELY boredom that would do you in--but all the activities that might result from boredom, such as drugs, smoking, drinking, etc.

In this incredible world of ours, there really is no excuse to be bored. How COULD you be?? Even if you were stuck in a room, you could create the most astounding stories ever--just using your imagination.

I really have come to believe in another saying. There are no boring situations. Just boring people.

It's true, isn't it?