Two articles this week on the subject of students using cell phones in class made me cringe.

The first one told a tale of students texting back and forth right under the teachers' noses. The tone was one of futility in trying to stop the activity.

Can you believe this?? We've gone from the extreme days of ruler slaps to the wrist to the extreme days of letting kids do whatever the hell they want in class.

When did this happen?!?!

Our kids have cell phones, yes. It's a modern day necessity for many families--between families of divorce to letting your kids walk to school on their own.

But they know full well that if they screw around with their phones, at or away from school, they will LOSE their phones. PERIOD.

The schools need to get medieval, too.

How can it be allowed that kids sit there brazenly texting or cheating with their cell phones, right in the open like that?!?!

In an earlier day, the teacher would have taken the phone and thrown it into a black hole in their desk. Not anymore.

The kids have more rights than their parents--and even more rights than their teachers.

Kids, simply, are allowed to get away with anything.

The second story I saw was along the lines of "we can't stop them from using cell phones in class, so we might as well figure out a way to incorporate them into the learning process". Can you BELIEVE this??

Sorry to break it to you. Kids want to use phones for texting, sexting, and screwing around. They aren't interested in cranking out algebra equations or figuring out world capitals on their cell phones.

Schools need to realize that the inmates cannot continue to run the asylums.

And if they can't control kids bringing CELL PHONES to class, how can we trust them from controlling drugs or weapons?