The President has stated his intention of seeking the repeal of the military's "Don't Ask, Don't Tell" policy.

And today, Defense Secretary Robert Gates declared he supports that decision.

This is one of the few issues  that I am at odds over with most of my conservative brothers and sisters.

But I have to be consistent and fair.

How would a heterosexual serviceman feel about hiding who they really were? What if even a picture of your wife or husband, boyfriend or girlfriend could get you BOOTED out of the military?

What if a simple conversation about who you were going to spend Christmas with (if you were lucky enough to BE home for the holidays) could have your career in the military TERMINATED?

Would that be fair?

And yet many gays and lesbians in the Armed Forces of our great nation face this every day.

They have to LIE about who they are. That is something NO ONE should have to do.

The stereotypical scenarios of a man in pink fatigues in a foxhole or of inappropriate conduct between two lesbian soldiers is really a figment of the collective imagination.

No such thing would happen. Nor would such behavior be tolerated.

Gays and lesbians who put on the uniform of their country should not be made to live a lie.

This might be one of the few things I agree with the Administration on.

To those who argue this will destroy the morale and integrity of the military, I ask, if the policy to ask people to lie about their true selves hasn't accomplished could THIS?

And if it DID (which it WON'T), don't you think the military would REVERSE its decision in the name of national security?

Common sense. It's all just common sense.

Whatever happened to that?