The President did a great thing going into the republican house retreat and talking with the so called OTHER party. He was excellent as SNL stated like aqua man fighting crime in water but the Republicans did score some blows.. They now have president on tape saying they have ideas submitted ideas and he read their ideas.
But in the end the President walked out the winner because there was not time for folloow up question.
Blame it on Bush was everywhere, but yet not one republican tried to defend him. It would have been ez to pt. out their was 52 straight months of growth and unemployment at 4.7 %. We know what happened in the fall but almost anyone would tell you b oth sides need some blame.

Time for the republican to start defending the Bush years, because the Prez is now telling all tax cuts got us into this mess. It fact OT WILL DRAG US OUT OF THIS MESS ALONG WITH FISCAL REPSOBNSIBLITY!!