I can laugh now at how silly I was years ago when I started losing my hair.

You never forget that first glimpse in the double mirrors of department store's dressing room of the top of your head going thin. That first glimpse of scalp was shocking and humiliating.

After spending hundreds of dollars on everything from creams to sprays to prescription medication to futilely try to bring my hair back, I sat back, laughed, and just gave in.

I was a bald man. A YOUNG bald man. But I was going bald. And I could sit there at 2am and watch informercials of guys with ridiculous hairdos post surgery or medical drug or I could suck it in and just DEAL WITH IT.

Now I am happy just being ME. I LIKE being bald. I save hundreds on shampoos and conditioners. I don't need to blow dry my hair. I can run out the door and into the car and off to work without checking my hair every second to see if it's dry enough.

Plus my wife loves me bald, so what am I worried about?

I saw a story in the news today that made me really sad. It's about a 21-year-old Chinese woman who wants to win back her boyfriend.

Ok. Fair enough. Many people can relate to that much of the story.

But how many of you would undergo plastic surgery to look like Actress Jessica Alba? Or ANYTHING for that matter??

I think it's sad enough when people undergo massive, non-medically necessary plastic surgery.

But to undergo it to look like SOMEONE ELSE?!?!

That is a TRAGEDY.

She says she isn't just doing it for him. She's doing it for herself.

I want to do something to challenge myself and build a strong personality through it," she told the Shanghai Daily.

Challenge yourself? Build a strong personality through it?

Through WHAT? Looking like SOMEBODY ELSE??

The best thing we can all do is to love ourselves for who we are. But also to accept that there are certain things we CAN and SHOULD change about ourselves.

But not our entire FACE through plastic surgery to make us look like someone we are NOT.

We need to be kinder to ourselves. Not always an easy thing, that is for sure.

Two important questions for this woman.

What happens when her boyfriend no longer is enchanted by Jessica Alba? And what happens when her stardom fades?

Be happy in your own skin. Not tomorrow. Not someday.

Right now.