OK President Obama you know sports..in fact you know it better then you know Politics so pull a Peyton Manning and change the play. You have had a year to read defenses and have yet to score a touchdown isnt it time to change the play at the line of scrimmage shut off the helmet transmitter and take control of the offense,. Your staff has let you don't you for some reason didnt include a possession wide receiver a Dick Cheney who didnt care about publicty a Golden Richards you could turn to for a first down. Rhaam Emanuel has been a disaster and should leave.
Starting Wednesday do what Peyton does and take control of the offense and get what Peyton got a Super Bowl trophy. If you are not flexible if you dont look at the film and study history you will be a one term failed president and bury your party for decades to come . If you do change with all your talent energy and intellect you could be one of the best ever. As Alcoa would say-- You make the Call