I've always firmly believed that it is the height of egotism and absurdity to think that we are the only intelligent life forms in the Universe.

But most of us who believe in extra terrestrial life have always looked to the heavens for our proof. Some have already claimed, of course, to have encountered such intelligent life.

Now a physicist at the Arizona University, Paul Davies, is suggesting that we change our approach to the search for alien life and look in our own backyards here on earth.

Instead of waiting for signals from space that may never come, Professor Davies thinks there could be evidence of foreign microbes in places like deserts, volcanic vents, or even Antarctica. These life forms could be from what he calls a "shadow biosphere"!

Not as exciting as gray aliens peeping into our windows in the middle of the night, perhaps. But exciting nonetheless to think we could be closer to alien life than we coul have imagined.

Not to mention the fact that the neighbor next door could VERY WELL be from another galaxy.

Or maybe he just acts that way.

It's hard to tell sometimes.