It was a mess at Costco yesterday. Going to the bulk superstore on a stormy Sunday with 8 zillion other people wasn't exactly the smartest idea I've ever had.

But I didn't complain or grunt like I typically would.

The images of the earthquake in Haiti were still fresh in my mind.

Relief groups have described it as THE worst disaster the have ever had to respond to. You can really take it all in right away. It hits you at 2am a few days later.

The poverty that already plagued the island nation has grown by leaps and bounds and become more desperate than ever. Looters and thugs roam the streets, keeping the good people at bay from water they need to survive.

It is more dangerous than ever.

And it breaks my heart. Another image of a month old baby whose parents have died will devastate me yet again.

Our children, like most kids today, complain about every little thing.

I brought them to the laptop and showed them the images (except for the most graphic ones) coming out of Haiti. I hope it had an impact on them.

I hope the images have an impact on all of us.

The horrors of Haiti should make us all stop whining. We have it so good we can't even begin to understand it.

We live in the greatest nation on earth and yes, we have our own share of disasters now and again. But nothing like what is going on in Haiti right now.

We are spoiled rotten in America. We live in a nation where the poor have 2 televisions instead of 6, 1 car instead of 3.

We don't KNOW what poverty REALLY is in America. Yes, there are poor people. And there are even more BROKE people.

But unlike most other nations, certainly third world ones, we have the resources to make it all livable. Again, there are exceptions. There ARE people on the streets, but a good number of them have addiction or mental problems, as study after study shows.

But most people considered poor in America still have a roof over their head and ample access to clean food and water. We aren't riddled with disease, famine, or a government that starves its own people.

Haiti puts things in perspective, doesn't it?

Our family donated to the Red Cross. If you can, please do so as well.

You can find  a link at

Thanks. And remember to always be eternally grateful for just how good we all really have it in America. When you get right down it, most of us couldn't dream of being anywhere else.

So appreciate it. Cherish it. LOVE it. And pray and think of the poor people of Haiti today.