I could not be more impressed with state senator Scott brown as he tries to dye the odds and become the next senator from Massachusetts. Most polls have him within 5 or in a dead heat with Martha Coakley. The state AG is coming off so weak and in over her head and this confident GOPer is surging.. Its all about Health care which seems to me to be in a ton of trouble. No one seems happy as they negotiate with the President finally getting his hands dirty.

Amazing moves on Late night TV ..I say that because they have so much sway in this country on what we do think and elect. Now it looks like Leno and Conan may leave NBC and that would be just great. NBC had a success story in Leon and decided to go demo and move up Conan

McGwire looks worse today then he did when he testfied in 25. When Joe Torre essentially says he was wrong to say that roids didn't help him hit the ball.

President Obama says he think Tiger Woods will be back..

Joe Lieberman shows it was Seantor Reid not he who lied when he defied his party and voted to to Health Crae because we now can say the email he sent to Reid before the Sunday show when he went public ewith the the story...Starting to think Ried is destrustful