If you think Republicans have a bounce in their step since winning Governorships in VA and NJ then they will be walking on air of they take Senator Kennedy's seat in Massachusetts. It look like Martha Coakley is en route to losing the seat in MA to Scott Brown...her line-looks like we have to get arounds to raising taxes is not sitting well....It will come down to whether the people of Massachusetts want to kill the helath care bill.

Nice try Mark McGwire we know you did steroids and know it was tough to admit, but saying it was only fo injuries not for strength, saying it didnt help you hit a ball...is farcical..We know too much and you were too big.

Restore Roger Maris as single season champ...cheaters like Bonds and mcgwire should not stand in his way..and yes Hank Aaron remains the homer run king. Mark you didn't know what you were taking..Impossible you were a virtual chemist for 11 years and the FBI knows it and the Daily News recorded all your useage .

I look forward to seeing him in the dugout not sure why need him soo bad back in the sport but compared to Bonds this guy is Pope John Paul.