Here comes the President tonight and he has a mesage to the American people he is on the security case. I dont look for him to say to anyone you are fired but tot point out specifically where the intel stopped circulating and why it won't happen again. The I need him to throw the crotch bomber onto a military base and get him o talk about how he was radicalized and who else he trained in terror came with and where they are now..things like where the camps are located and how he got on the plane..who got him on the plane and did he have any accomplices.

Great guest today and even Michael Isikoff was interesting.,,Just know just because we don't battle people on every point doesnt mean we agree with them. I just think you should hear a side that perhaps we have backed up and thats the good thing of this show..We don't rant we talk and so do you..a true ping pong ..give and take...all good..I hope