In less than a week, I will be flying into New York for the first time in almost 3 years.

I love New York City and I love being able to hang out with the crew and check out some of the sights.

But I do not like flying. And I do not like the idea that there are fanatical killers out there who are trying to cause mass death and destruction.

I am a social drinker. Maybe a glass of wine or two in a month at dinner.

But all that changes when I fly. Unless the flight is first thing in the morning, I admit I relax my nerves with a little cocktail before I board the plane. There is nothing social about it. It's purely for selfish reasons.

I was happy to see the TSA announce today that passengers entering the USA from countries that sponsor terrorism (maybe that will soon be a NO NO altogether...your government sponsors terrorism...sorry, no entry into the USA) or even from countries that are "of interest" will be subject to extensive security measures. Some of these measures include pat downs, carryon baggage searches, and full body scans.

Good. Do what needs to be done.

I'd actually like the more extensive measures to include AMERICANS flying within our borders as well. Why the Hell not? Ever heard of sleeper cells? You think just because someone is an American "on paper" that they don't intend to do harm to their country, citizens, or themselves?

We can never be 100% secure. This is true. But we can do the best we can. And letting that Nigerian terrorist on board the Christmas Day flight was NOT our best.

So next week I will be flying with my Kindle, my iPod, a cocktail or two, and added vigilance and common sense.

See you at 35,000 feet. And be safe up there.