Just when you thought accepting the Nobel Peace Prize was over the top (as it would have been for ANYONE receiving the nomination after a mere THREE WEEKS on the job).

Now the President has given himself a B+ grade for his performance so far in office.

He gave himself that grade in a special interview with Oprah Winfrey.

B+?!?! REALLY??

For 10% plus unemployment? For Afghanistan? The continuing violence in Iraq? Jobless claims? Foreclosures? The stimulus? The COUNTLESS OTHER failings?

Honestly. The President can't even bring the Olympics to his hometown when many thought it would be slam dunk.

I challenge defenders of the President's high self imposed grade to SHOW me what he has done exactly to deserve it.

I'm waiting...If you can't answer off the cuff, I am on the radio for 10 hours a week. You are more than welcome to share the myriad of things on your list then.

In the meantime, it looks like the American people are the only real ones able to grade the President.

And they just gave him the worst first year ratings of any President in history.

This is one report card that I wouldn't be running home to mom and dad to boast about.