Out of all the speeches and conversations I saw and took part in Tuesday the most amazing statement for me was when the President ripped TARP.. The program in one breathe saved the economy according to his own Treasury secretary who co authored and the next was hastily prepared ill conceived. How can it be that his conversation with Hank Paulson last year when he was a Senator and aspiring President not clue him into the need and cause if TARP....So he hates TARP but yet he wants to spend it like he won lotto!!

I also Loved General McChrystal telling senators he had no input on the pullout date the President announced. Great our general does not know when he suppose to win the war? I love the Genera's way of expressing his displeasure with a policy or plan. Same way he said he talked to President once since he got the job to let the know hes totally detached from the oval office. If the President just gets out of the way the world best military will let him turnaround this war..Lets see of he realizes it himself or will cave as soon as he our guys have a rough day or two.