I have been into video games since their commercial introduction back in the 1970s.

The first game I ever got addicted to, though, was "World of Warcraft" which has been dubbed by many "World of  WarCRACK" because it sucks people in and makes them crave it more and more each second.

I pretty much left that game when the makers watered and dumbed it down to the point where it became unplayable for someone who remembers it on the FIRST day it debuted 5 years ago last month.

So now...I notice sometimes that my wife is tending a colorful and playful farm in between her 12 hour work days and watching a houseful of kids. Just a few minutes a day of what appears to be a nice respite from our crazy and busy days.

Oh no. It's FARMVILLE! That Facebook application that millions are playing!

That's the one countless listeners and Facebook friends have tried to lure me into playing!!

It looked awfully pleasant. A game you can play for ten minutes a day...plotting your land...planting your seeds...raising your livestock.

So I joined. I came, I played, I seeded.

And now...in my first 24 hours as a virtual farmer...the word is out.

I must have received over 50 requests already to be someone's "neighbor"--a feature that lets you visit each other's farm and help out with things like fertilizing the crops (so that they grow faster...and earn you money in the game faster) and chases away nasty crows or foxes.

Hundreds of listeners have already sent me "gifts" in the game--anything from cows and chickens to candy canes (yes there is a Christmas theme to help fuel the addiction!!) and trees.

God save my soul.

Now, if you'll excuse me. The horses are acting funny and I need to make sure all is well on Old McHughes' farm.

Add me as your neighbor if you'd like by linking to my Facebook from club.foxacrossamerica.com. See you on the farm!