Been watching news channels for hours. Maybe one mention that today is December 7th.

Remember?? HELLO??

December 7, 1941?? The day that was SUPPOSED to live in INFAMY?

I don't blame you if you forgot this morning. Maybe listeners admitted it hadn't occurred to them until they saw the mention on my Facebook page. How COULD you remember when society and the media give it so little importance?

There's no way you could forget about the sales at the various stores. We have FLYERS in our mail every day to remind us of THAT.

You will never forget which overgrown children will be battling each other on a playing field somewhere because there are back to back reminders every 15 minutes on the television set.

But the cowardly and barbaric attack by Imperial Japan on our naval forces in Pearl Harbor, Hawaii? Nah. No need to mention it.

Not as sexy as a Blu Ray sale!

More than 1,000 sailors forever entombed in the sunken U.S.S. Arizona? Why get depressed over that when your favorite movie drew millions at the box office over the weekend?

Over 2,000 killed. More than 1,000 injured. How could we forget this??

I am so disgusted with our popcorn culture. I am disgusted that the average school will spend more time on Cinco de Mayo (an INSIGNIFICANT holiday, by the way...even to those IN Mexico) than on Pearl Harbor Day. And the few lessons that will be taught we most likely focus on how we knew it was coming and how we were the aggressors and the usual politically correct CRAP that is taught today instead of history.

December 7th, 1941 has so little significance to the average person anymore.

Another date will soon join it in the trash heap of forgotten memories.

September 11, 2001.

It hasn't completely happened yet.

Don't let it.

God bless those who died on that infamous day 68 years ago. And God bless those who survived--the few still alive who might share their memories with us.

The brave men and their leaders who weren't afraid to seek VICTORY. Unconditional VICTORY.

Victory is still in the hearts of the men and women who courageously fight for Old Glory and all she represents. But among our leadership and politicians, victory is barely a whisper. After all, victory explicitly means someone overpowering another. And we can't have THAT!

We have forgotten how to win. And how anything short of that is compeltely unacceptable.