I will keep this one short and sweet.

It is the height of stupidity that gays and lesbians are not allowed to marry in most of America and yet this idiot in Japan has supposedly "married" his virtual bride--a character from a VIDEO GAME.

What the FRIG??

He married his love in Guam, where I guess they allow this nonsense??

And  how did she RESPOND?? Did SHE accept HIM as her HUSBAND?!?!

Now the story IS in The Sun, so it is probably all fantasy anyway.

But it must be pretty maddening for the gay or lesbian couple waiting to be married for decades.

Hey, look at the bright side!

She can't get pregnant! They can't give each other diseases! Although I guess she COULD give him a computer virus.

They don't have to argue about anything. She won't have to worry about buying new clothes and he won't be missed when he's at the arcade all day long.

A marriage made in...in...

I don't know where.

But I am going to go kiss my wife and thank her for being multi-dimensional.