The ghost hunting team I am a member of hit a private residence this past weekend for an all night investigation.

The evidence so far has astounded even the senior members who have seen and heard a lot more than I have.

Upon our arrival, two lights mysteriously went out. One was a heating lamp for a reptile. It had been on moments before and witnessed by several people, including members of our team.

Another was a bedroom overhead light that was working moments before but would now not come on.

Our lead investigator made an effort to contact the spirits apparently in this home (the evidence even going IN was overwhelming…not counting the mountain of stuff we have discovered so far in the analysis process) and asked if we could please switch the lights back on.

I flipped the switch and to our amazement, the light came on effortlessly.

We proceeded downstairs and attempted the same with the heat lamp. Guess what? It did the same thing.

There is a theory in the world of paranormal investigations that spirits draw energy from their surroundings–from us and from things in the environment (electronic devices, batteries, energy sources, etc.).

Could this have been  what was going on here? Or were they just letting us know they were present when we arrived?

We started getting EVPs (electronic voice phenomenon) right from the start during out walkthru of the residence, including a not so nice one involving a four-letter word.

Electronic voice phenomenon are voices that are caught on recording devices that were not made by anyone physically in the room at the time. Nor were they HEARD by anyone in the room at the time. This phenomenon has been known and documented since the days of Edison.

A female investigator got her hair pulled several times by an unknown source.

Our KII EMF meters were going off the charts at the precise moments that other anomalous phenomenon were occurring.

We have already gotten tons of EVPs (including some very bizarre ones and at least one that called me by name) and we are not even halfway through the evidence analysis process. We still need to review several hours of video from our 3 static DVR cameras that were placed at various “hot spots” in the home.

It was an amazing weekend to say the least. It was the first of several more overnight stays at that home.