We helped break this story on my show yesterday and I will not let it rest today.

Three Navy Seals who captured one of the most wanted terrorists in Iraq are having the tables turned on them.

It looks like the thug--the terrorist behind the murder and mutilation of American contractors in Fallujah--is claiming that he was PUNCHED by his captors.

Heck, they even gave him a bloody lip! A BLOODY lip!

Now they are facing a court martial in January. Can you BELIEVE this??

Remember when Congressman Murtha dragged the reputations of those Marines through the mud? Remember when he was WRONG??

Are we having another such character attack on our soldiers?

How on earth did we get to this point? I argued on my show that we would have probably LOST World War II if we fought it with the level of political correctness in our world today.

Back then we bombed churches to Kingdom Come if it meant beating the bad guys.

Today we won't scratch the paint on a mosque because it might be seen as hateful and bigoted.

Incredible, huh?

This terrorist thug is learning well, isn't he?

Wait till his ilk dance into American courtrooms with flashy suited lawyers ready to plead their innocence. Wait till we hear about the punched nose or the broken nail or pulled hair.

The book is about to be thrown.

Not at one of the most wanted terrorists in all of Iraq.

But at three Navy Seals who, in a leaner, meaner day in America, would have a ticker tape parade in their honor.